Children’s Church

WHERE? The  “Big Stevens Creek Gospel Barn”

TIME? 10:45 every Sunday morning.

WHY? Because we sing songs about God, play games that teach us about God, listen to puppets talk about God and hear a message of God’s salvation plan.

We do not see children as little adults so we teach to them on their level. Our concern is that we do not  merely write a child’s name on the church roll, but that we have the child’s name written in the Lamb’s Book of life in Heaven. We teach them the simple plan of Salvation, but we always make sure they understand what they have committed to for eternity. We believe that reaching children for Jesus is a work that we, at Big Stevens Creek as Christians must do. Reaching precious boys and girls for our Lord must not be thought of as just a gift alone; it is a duty and a responsibility given to us by our Lord. Jesus said “ For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save the lost.” We must seek the boys and girls of our community for Jesus.

So, come and join us and learn more about Jesus in the Big Stevens Creek Gospel Barn.

Look forward to seeing you in the “Barn.”